Welcome to Weyerhaeuser Elementary!

We are a STEM Lighthouse School that offers a strong, comprehensive academic program based on Common Core State Standards with an emphasis on literacy, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and social studies.

We support our students through collaborative grade level teams and give students a variety of opportunities to ensure that they are appropriately challenged and making progress in all core content areas. The staff is committed to working together to ensure that no child falls behind and are very skilled at communicating and teaming to meet student needs. In addition, our STEM Lighthouse designation has allowed us to pursue blended learning models and our students are very fluent in the use of Google Chromebooks, Windows computers and iPads. Students have ample access to technology, both in the classroom and in our two computer labs, and use it routinely as part of their learning. In addition, we offer the following special programs for all students:

  • Physical Education with a certified PE specialist.
  • Music Education with seasonal performances.
  • Computer Science instruction multiple times per week.
  • Library access with a library specialist.

A unique aspect of our school is our 8-acre outdoor learning space, called Wildcat Woods. Students in all grades are able to access this space as part of their hands-on learning and engage in experiences that support their learning in science, math, art, and literacy.