Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Information

Closure or Late Start:

There may be days when weather is questionable or other reasons arise requiring the closing of school before it opens. Students and parents are expected to listen to local radio and television stations for possible closure and/or late start schedules. Please be advised that on Late Start days due to weather delay, bus routes may be affected. Snow routes can be accessed on the District Transportation web page. If the school is closed, there is no staff available in the building. Therefore, activities, including athletic practices and competitions, are cancelled. Students should not come to the campus. School phones are not answered on emergency closure days. https://www.flashalert.net/id/EatonvilleSD


State law mandates to schools to have no less than 9 emergency drills in a school year, 5 of which must be evacuation drills. In addition, we will conduct 2 emergency lock-down drills. Exit routs and instructions are posted in each classroom and work area and all staff and students are required to abide by procedures for such drills. A student that engages in disorderly conduct, refuses to evacuate, fails to follow instructions, or otherwise refuses to cooperate during and evacuation or emergency drill, is subject to disciplinary action.


Staff and students are trained on what to do during an emergency situation. In the case of an actual emergency or Lockdown, it is student responsibility to follow the directions of the supervising staff. Parents are encouraged not to call individual classrooms or student cell phones. Students are directed not to use cell phones during emergencies as they have posed more harm than good due to miscommunication and relaying of inaccurate information to the public, creating unnecessary panic and false reporting. Students will be released to parents possessing proper identification at the appropriate time designated by the District Office. Students are only allowed to leave when it is safe to do so and at the direction of administration and/or law enforcement. At that time, parents will be notified of when and where they are to report for proper student check-out and pick-up.

A school lockdown will be called in the event of any real danger or threat of danger to any person or persons on the school campus. The lockdown should be taken seriously by all patrons whether it is a practiced drill or real event.