About Us

Our History

Weyerhaeuser Elementary, which is a part of the Eatonville School District, is a K-5 school in the rural Eatonville area and we have just under 300 students enrolled in 12 classes. The entire staff and school community take great pride in establishing and promoting a nurturing and caring environment and a positive climate where all work to instill the desire to learn. Students are encouraged and guided to become life-long learners and to grow in making informed, good choices linked with age-appropriate consequences.

The original Weyerhaeuse School

The first Weyerhaeuser School was built in 1904 and was built by the Weyerhaeuser Company to provide for it's employees children in the area. The information we have right now is limited, but we are working on digging some more info up.

The second WES building around 340th and Mtn Highway.

The Second building that housed the Weyerhaeuser school was a brick building that was dedicated in 1927. It was a K-8 school, and it featured 2 floors of learning/work space, the main floor and a basement level. This building still exists and it is around 340th and Mtn. Highway just down from the Fire Station. It has recently been through a partial restoration. It sits on land that was dedicated by the Trask Family. The schoolhouse provided K-8 education from 1927 through 1979

Our current building was completed around 1979,the same time as the Eatonville Elementary building. They were twin copies of the same building built almost identically. The building became Weyerhaeuser Elementary School and the 6th, 7th and 8th graders moved into the Eatonville Middle School. When teachers and students moved in the building wasn't even complete yet, still needing ceiling materials and flooring materials to be installed. Teaching with exposed rafters and wiring must have been a challenge! At it's peak it housed over 400 students in 16 classrooms including several classes in portables. Pictures of this building to come!

The newest version of learning excellence.

The building was subjected to an exhaustive renovation in 2009. We love our new building and would like to thank the voters of our district who approved our modernization bond which allowed these upgrades and changes to happen.

We would like to thank current and former staff for the information that helped us fill out this page as well as the wonderful work done by the Eatonville Historical Society and the ever amazing http://eatonvilletorainier.com for it's efforts to bring the historical past of our area into the light of the internet so everyone may enjoy our heritage. Please check the site out, I'm sure you'll find out something you didn't know before!

Our Building

The current WES building is a 40,150 square foot structure built for learning. We have 20 classrooms equipped with computers and projectors to help prepare our children for a 21st century world. Of those classrooms, one is a dedicated music room with access to the stage, one is a computer lab capable of supporting 30 students per class, and not included in that number is the gym/cafeteria multi-purpose room.

Our Grounds

The Weyerhaeuser Elementary Building sits on 40 acres of land donated originally by the Weyerhaeuser Lumber company. Our property has a variety of fields, trees, buildings, and parking that are used for various activities.

There are currently 4 baseball fields, two at opposite ends of the upper field adjacent to the playground, one on the opposite site of the playground, and another on the lower field next to the overflow parking strip. We have one full size grass area suitable for soccer between our two baseball diamonds and one area that is used as a practice/scrimmage field on the lower field near the parking strip. There is a gravel playground area with 2 large big toys, a variety of climbing apparatus, and a few other activites. We also have a patch of 'woods' with many tall evergreen trees that the kids use for Imaginative Play.

During the torrential downpour the we frequently receive in the Washington State area we also have a visiting feature to our playground. We call it the WES River Project. As the water pools in and around the gravel around the big toy, it drains out and rushes through the patch of trees in a stream. The kids have spent many hours playing around this stream creating dams to hold the water back, bridges to cross cars over the 'river' and then watching the raw power of mother nature pull them apart. The environment is very similar to a real life water system from the source of the stream, to many 'lakes' and ponds along the way, carving in 'ravines' and 'canyons', until it eventually dumps at the end. It's just on a miniature scale that the kids can appreciate at their level.

In addition to our "official" school grounds, we have an educational landscape called Wildcat Woods that has been the home of a massive tree planting effort, water quality testing, and prairie restoration. Wildcat Woods is regularly used as an outdoor classroom as part of our STEM Outdoor Education program.
Students enjoying an afternoon of learning in Wildcat Woods