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EHS Robotics and AP Computer Science, competition results and grants.

      The 21st Century is well underway in Eatonville, where we are giving students a chance to learn skills in demand from Washington's top employers. Eatonville School District is playing a big part in this opportunity, from AP Computer Science to robotics a lot is happening.  As a partner students in every school are learning about computer science, programming, and coding.  Travis Collins will be teaching AP Computer Science next year as a part of the partnership.  To further support the new AP Computer Science class, new Executive Director of Innovation and Learning, Michael Farmer, applied for a grant worth almost $10,000 in October, and the Eatonville School District received the grant.  Mr. Collins and Eatonville’s Technology Manager, Byron Adams, will work together on how to best utilize the funds from the grant. Mr. Collins’ work has also included the EHS Robotics Team.  

      This past weekend Eatonville did very well and made it to the final championship match, but unfortunately they lost the match.  Eatonville was pitted against large and established teams such as Charles Wright, North Thurston and Franklin High school.  In spite of the loss in the finals, the team did well enough to qualify for Super Regionals in Oakland California!  However, Mr. Collins received an email during the team’s celebratory dinner that they had made a calculation error and that Eatonville had in fact finished in 10th place instead of 9th, and only the top 9 move on.  Sadly the news was devastating to the team.  It was a roller coaster of emotions over the last few months for the whole team.  Mr. Collins is “EXTREMELY proud of our students. Top 10 in the second year of competition with mostly all freshman is no small accomplishment!  Please give the following students a round of congrats on a season well done, and understand now why they may be under the weather:  John Williams, Josh Dietz, Ryan Haverland, Trent Wohlgemuth, Ryan Mitchell, Spencer Whitted, and Michael-Justus Boeckel.