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EES Awarded STEM Lighthouse Grant

OSPI has recommended Eatonville Elementary as the 2017 STEM Lighthouse grant awardee. This makes all three (3) of Eatonville School District elementary schools recipients of this grant and designation. Known as Lighthouse schools, the school will be awarded $20,000 grants that will be used to promote and develop STEM education, including technical assistance and advice for other  schools in the state that are creating their own STEM environments.

“It’s a great honor to be chosen as a STEM Lighthouse school for the state of Washington as it reflects the hard work and organization that has centered around quality STEM education at EES. The specific integration of the ARTS into STEM, such as EES's A-STEM school focus is particularly interesting as research is clear that creativity and imagination are necessary for optimal student achievement and success. Both the arts and the sciences teach creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Students learn common skills that may be applied between all STEM and arts content areas. The critical-thinking skills of analyzing, assessing, categorizing, classifying, predicting, justifying, interpreting, and more are reinforced by both the STEM disciplines and the arts. We are so fortunate to have EES as a lighthouse school in this area," said Krestin Bahr, Eatonville Superintendent. “It makes this school a leader in STEM education. Other schools will look to all of our elementary schools (EES, WES, CCASTEM) in the district for guidance on how to successfully teach STEM in the elementary.”

STEM Lighthouse schools originated in 2010 with the Legislature’s passage of House Bill 2621.The bill directs the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to designate lighthouse schools. The schools “serve as resources and examples of how to combine the following best practices:


  • Small, highly personalized learning communities;
  • An interdisciplinary curriculum with a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), delivered through a project-based instructional approach; and
  • Active partnerships with businesses and the local community to connect learning beyond the classroom.”

  Help me congratulate the staff and students at EES. Go EAGLES!