Secondary Programs


Middle School Learning Options at Eatonville Middle School and Columbia Crest Academy

Cluster Classroom Placement (Humanities) 

Middle school Highly Capable students will have Global Perspectives and English class options throughout the school year.

In this placement, eligible students are served in their home schools using cluster classrooms in which a group of other highly able students are placed together. Their classroom teachers use a variety of methods to provide continuous learning progress, challenge, and enrichment. Examples include, curriculum compacting, curriculum acceleration, interdisciplinary curriculum, and an emphasis on higher level thinking skills, but are not limited to: special projects, math problem-solving, and small group instruction stations. Middle School Math Highly Capable students who demonstrate advanced math skills may be placed a level higher than the designated grade level.

High School Options Grades 9-12

Highly Capable students can take Advanced Placement coursework, known as AP and, may also accelerate based on demonstrated and assessed talents. These course options provide rigor and complexity beyond that which is expected in the regular classroom, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary curriculum and higher-level thinking skills. 

·  Advanced Placement (AP)

·  Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Credit by Examination

·  Early Entrance classes Middle School, High School, or College

·  Grade Level Advancement

·  Online Course(s) for subject acceleration

·  Running Start Subject Acceleration

·  Spokane Virtual Classes

We look forward to a year of growth and challenge for our students.  Parents will be invited to a meeting to develop your child’s HC Learning Plan for the 2023-24 school year.