Athletics & Activities

Athletics support the academic mission of our district. Athletics is not a diversion, but rather an extension of a good educational program. Research shows, students who participate in athletic programs tend to have:

  • Higher GPA’s
  • Better attendance
  • Lower Dropout Rates
  • Fewer discipline problems then students who do not participate.

Athletic programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in athletic programs, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility. We will strive to do all we can to provide a positive experience for every athlete.

For specific information on athletics please contact or visit:

Eatonville High School

Gavin Kralik - Atheletic Director
Phone: (360) 879-1200

Eatonville Middle School

Jay Cash - Assistant Principal
Phone: (360) 879-1400