Athletics & Activities

Athletics support the academic mission of our district. Athletics is not a diversion, but rather an extension of a good educational program. Research shows students who participate in athletic programs tend to have:

·         Higher GPAs

·         Better attendance

·         Lower Dropout Rates

·         Fewer discipline problems than students who do not participate.

Athletic programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in athletic programs, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility.

We strive to do all we can to provide a positive experience for every athlete; and want all ESD students to have the opportunity to participate in, and reap the benefits of, our athletic programs. To this end, and in accordance with HB 1660, the district waives ASB and user fees for students who are low income and consent to share that information with district staff. Waivers may also apply to fees for extracurricular event attendance.

For specific information on athletics please contact or visit:

Eatonville High School

Gavin Kralik - Atheletic Director
Phone: (360) 879-1200

Eatonville Middle School

Jay Cash - Assistant Principal
Phone: (360) 879-1400