Academics and Programs

The Office of Teaching and Learning strives to provide a rigorous curriculum for all Eatonville students. This department supports educators in continuous growth of their skills and knowledge and provides teachers with resources for a quality education. Eatonville School District is responsible for the continual growth and enhancement of student achievement. 

Eatonville strives to provide standards-based instruction that is responsive to individual learning and social-emotional needs. Our Teaching and Learning Department is committed to supporting both our staff and our students in our best effort to improve student learning and achievement. 

This includes building an educational experience for students that has a strong foundation in core subjects, provides opportunities to discover personal passions and interests, develops competency in emerging technology, and helps students design an ethical compass so they can act as responsible, healthy national and international citizens.  

We are responsible for supporting and guiding the following instructional components:

  • Aligning curriculum with state and national standards

  • Instructional materials adoption

  • Professional development

  • Teaching techniques and strategies

  • Continuous Growth Plan- Closing the learning gap

  • Professional Learning Communities/Teams