Child Care Options

January 2018—Responding to the needs of families, Eatonville School District is working to offer before-school and after-school programs for elementary students, right at their own elementary school. The work is a result of input provided to Eatonville Schools Superintendent Krestin Bahr by many families, students, staff, and community members.

Offering the programs is part of the district's commitment to providing safe, engaging and meaningful in-school extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of students, give parents peace of mind, and enable schools to continue focus on their academic mission. Eatonville Schools staff will continue work to have the program in place in the fall (at the start of the 2018-2019 school year).

The company selected is Right At School, an organization that currently provides quality services at other school districts in Washington and states across the country. The fee-based services offer a curriculum that features hands-on learning, multi-sensory activities, child-driven projects, daily fitness, team building, and leadership development. The program will offer options for families to attend before-school program, after-school program, or both. There is also a sliding fee scale to accommodate family needs.

Please register for Before and or After school Child Care for Fall 2018. Kindergarten through 5th grade. For more information, choose the link for your school.

Sign-up by February 28th.


-DSHS is accepted.

-20% Discount if your family qualifies for Free & Reduced.

Options include:

  • Attend only before school, only after school, or both
  • Attend one day a week or up to five days
  • 10% discount for military families
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • 20% discount for families who qualify for free or reduced lunches
  • (Note: discounts cannot be combined)

PLEASE NOTE: There is no registration fee to pre-register.