Highly Capable

Referral Process

Step 1: Online Referrals for Highly Capable Testing

All grades: January 9th - February 3rd, 2017

Anyone may refer a student for testing for the highly capable program. Referrals can come from any district staff member, the student themselves, parents / guardians, or community members. Referral forms are completed online by utilizing the following link(s):

Applications are now closed.

Step 2: Teachers Complete Online Renzulli Scales

All elementary teachers and secondary math / and / or ELA teachers will complete the online Renzulli Rating Scales for each of their current year students that have been referred (no matter the source of the referral). Lists of students and direction for accessing the online scales will be delivered to teachers in February.

Step 3: Student CogAT Testing

All grades: February 6 - 25th, 2017

Schools will be coordinating the testing of their referred students to occur during the school day. The complete CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) takes approximately 2.5 hours and may be spread out over multiple, short sessions.

Parents / Guardians will receive a specific testing schedule from Student Services prior to the actual days of testing. Parents must give permission to allow testing for highly capable placement. Those parents who referred their own students give permission as part of the online referral. Parent / Guardians of students referred by someone else will receive a permission form from Student Services prior to testing. Students without parent / guardian permission will not be tested.

  • High School Students wishing to enroll in AP or Running Start courses will need to contact their guidance counselor for the scheduling process.
  • New Highly Capable students will be contacted in May for placement options.
  • Current Highly Capable students need not be referred or tested again.
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