Eatonville Online Academy

What is Eatonville Online Academy (EOA)?

Eatonville Online Academy (EOA) is an ALE in Eatonville School District which strives to create a personalized educational experience for students in grades 6-8 via digital learning, in a flexible setting that meets each student's unique life circumstances, and supports his/her individual educational goals while providing preparation for college, career, and life.

We believe in academic success through personalization, inspiration, and flexibility. EOA provides online courses from OSPI approved providers, Edgenuity and Spokane Virtual Learning.


Janna Rush 6th-8th Grade
Phone: (360) 879-1400

Amy Sturdivant 9th-12th Grade
Phone: (360) 879-1200


Rob McIlraith 6th-8th Grade
Phone: (360) 879-1400

Jay Cash 9th-12th Grade
Phone: (360) 879-1200


Kimberly Vander Hoek 6th-8th Grade
Phone: (360) 879-1650

Thalia Hull 9th-12th Grade
Phone: (360)879-1200


Eatonville Online Academy
207 Carter ST E
PO Box 910
Eatonville, WA. 98328

An online school looks very different from a traditional brick and mortar school experience. In accordance with the State, An "online course" means a course, or grade-level course work, in which:

  • More than half of the course content is delivered electronically using the internet or other computer-based methods.
  • More than half of the teaching is conducted from a remote location through an online course learning management system or other online or electronic tools.
  • A certificated teacher has the primary responsibility for the student's instructional interaction pertaining to the online course. Primary responsibility means the teacher is the principal individual who provides instructional interactions that may include, but are not limited to, direct instruction, review of assignments, assessment, testing, progress monitoring, and educational facilitation; and
  • Students have access to the teacher synchronously, asynchronously, or both.

We offer onsite meetings with the teacher at Eatonville Middle School (room B3) for monitoring of student progress, tutoring, project work, and assessments.

If you are interested in Eatonville Online Academy and would like more information, please contact the teacher Rob McIlraith.

Thank you for your interest in the Eatonville Online Academy.

If you have further questions, please contact Rob McIlraith.

What is ALE?

Alternative Learning Experience or ALE is, according to the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), “public education where some or all of the instruction is delivered outside of a regular classroom or schedule.”

Considering our small size, and creative, flexible abilities we are able to provide a diverse educational experience for our students, families, and community as a whole. With the support of ALE, families find that:

  • Parents are teaching their children at home with the support of the school district
  • Students enrolled in this option are students of Eatonville School District
  • The support received from the district includes interaction and engagement with a certificated teacher
  • The WSLP is approved, monitored and coordinated by an assigned EOA certificated teacher on our staff
  • The student and teacher must have weekly contact to discuss the content of the WSLP, both to support the student and to insure adherence to the integrity of the plan
  • The curriculum options and choices through EOA are quite varied and broad, with a lot of flexibility