School Supply List


PLEASE, no wheeled or large backpacks.  

Backpacks should be able to fit in a locker

These items are a minimum requirement for school. We recommend having extras at home for when items are used, lost or damaged. They will need to be replenished throughout the year. 


  • 3", 3-ring binder (zippered binders are nice to have, but are not required)

  • 1” 3-ring binder for 7th Grade Math and Algebra students

  • Pencil pouch that fits inside the binder (some binders contain pouches already)

  • College-ruled notebook paper

  • 3 college-rule, 3-hole punched, spiral notebooks (for Language Arts, Math and 6th & 8th Science)

  • Headphones (non-wireless, earbud style or other)

  • 1 package #2 pencils (will need resupplied each quarter)

  • 5 ink pens (One red)

  • Highlighters (yellow, green, pink, blue)

  • 3 - Dry erase markers

  • 1-scientific calculator (look for one in the $10 range) 

  • 2 black sharpie markers

  • Athletic shoes for PE (clean, non-marking soles, do not need to be new)

  • Stick Deodorant for PE locker (no spray due to allergies) 


  • Athletic shorts, sweats and a shirt for PE

  • Glue Sticks

  • 1 boxes-Kleenex (turn in to Office)