Parent Guide for Technology

Technology and Email Use

A parent’s practical guide to online technology and email use in Eatonville School District

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our number one priority is your child’s safety while at school and online. Email and Google Apps can be used in many ways to help support the instructional process in the classroom. We hope that as teachers use email/Google projects in their classroom that all students will understand the increasingly global society we live in. But, how do the students stay safe and appropriate while online? Below you will find information useful to you for helping keep technology use appropriate and successful in the Eatonville School District.

Google Apps

Guiding you through the Google Suite apps and uses in Eatonville School District for students

Eatonville School District has created an email address, also called a Google account, for every student in the district. These accounts are managed by the district’s IT department. The district and students use these Google accounts. This program uses: email, an online cloud storage called Google Drive and a suite of applications that mirror Microsoft’s Office programs called G-Suite Apps. They are productivity apps like Docs (Word), Slides (Powerpoint) and Sheets (Excel). There are also social media apps like Hangouts and Google Plus. A key and often used component is Google Classroom. (see below) More information can be found at or “google for education.”

Email Use

Email use and its role in Eatonville School District for students

Email (Google) accounts in Eatonville School District have been created for all students. Students use this account to access their email/G-Suite Apps and to log in to Chromebooks/Chromebases in the school. This system also supports google classroom by sending notifications when assignments have been added.

Google Classroom

An online instructional tool for teachers and students

Google Classroom is an online interactive tool that allows teachers to post assignments, collect online assignments, and create announcements for students. Many teachers have set up a Google Classroom and use it regularly for communication. When your student receives his/her class schedule, please take time to discuss with teachers if Google Classroom is being used and if so in what way. This will help ensure the we all communicate and help our students.

We need your help too!

Keep email and online use safe and appropriate at school and home

While the district monitors what it can while school is in session, there are not enough resources to constantly ensure appropriate use of email and the G-Suite at all times during or after school. Even though all precautions are taken to ensure proper use there is always a chance for unsupervised abuse by users who choose to ignore appropriate uses. Misuse of a device is not the problem of the computer but a sign of a need to curve or change a student's behavior. This is why we can always use parent involvement to help ensure that students are doing their best in and out of school.

Steps for helping

Possible ideas for helping

Have your student log into his/her Google (email) account biweekly with you and do a cursory check of their email and hangouts messages. Do it at random times and days. We teach students about being good online citizens often but hearing it coming from the parent/guardian can be just as powerful if not more. Contact your school’s technology teacher for resources or more information. Common Sense Media has great lessons the entire family can do together along with helpful resources on keeping your online world at home and at school safe and positive.