Principal's Message

Welcome to Eatonville Middle School--Home of the Warriors!

September 4, 2023

Eatonville Middle School staff are excited to start the 2023-2024 school year. We are adding so much to what our school offers and what we are trying to do for our students to prepare for their futures. We have added Boys Baseball, Boys Soccer, Choir Club, Cambridge International HICAP Studies, ALE push-in services to support student learning needs, the Student Support Center, Parent Volunteer Opportunities among other things. We are going to see a great shift in our students this year we feel and look forward to the positive impacts for everyone.

We have added additional door locks and security cameras around the school to enhance our student safety and security. When you come to the front door you will find that you may need to press the button to alert our office staff of you intent to enter the school. The future will bring additional security enhancements that will make our campus safer for you and your students. 

The incoming 6th Graders attended Warrior Camp in August. This year’s tie-dye shirts were made with love and care to welcome our newest Warriors to the team. Sixth graders will pass in the hallways without the distractions of the 7th and 8th graders this year. We have developed a bell schedule that will allow the 6th graders to pass in the hallways on their own, without having to mix with the other 300+ students. This should lessen the chaos often seen in middle schools and allow them to pass with a little less stress. With this, we will also return to three lunches, one for each grade level, again reducing the stress for all students during their lunch break. This should allow students to more leisurely acquire and eat their lunch with more time to catch up with their friends.

One of the biggest shifts at the  middle school with be the strict enforcement of the electronics policy including cell phone "Off and Away All Day." Cell phones are not allowed to be out while in the building at any time this year. With the increase of middle school students and cell phones over the past few years we have noticed less attention in our schools and classes. Students choose to open messaging and Social Media applications which severely impacts their ability to learn throughout the day. Students have been creating and reacting to "drama" and other social distractions to the point where school was not the main focus of their day in the building. We intend to shift this back to Education being the number one reason for being at EMS again by removing this distraction altogether. Cell phones are okay to come to school, but they must remain in their lockers or bags at all times while on campus during school hours. Warrior staff will work to remind students of these requirements in the first few days.

Mr. Cash will be working diligently to develop a core group of parents to be in our schools and at our lunches this year to supports student needs. From helping them get into their lockers, to finding a friend to eat lunch with, to lunch time board games, to finding their next class parents are a vital component to our strategy moving forward. The energy found in our parents will help drive the success of our students. We cannot do it alone and parent volunteer are a key strategy for EMS Warriors. If you wish to help in various roles in our schools please contact Kim Henley at the district office who will help you with the volunteer application form and required background check. 

We are super excited for what this school year will bring. We are looking forward to our new parent partners, our newest students and the new athletic offerings and league. This is going to be a year of change and excellence. 

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! Warriors Lead the Way!

Mr. Leipold, Principal