EHS Yearbook

Yearbooks are on sale for $65.00 in the EHS Main office, or online at (Personalized yearbooks must be ordered online.)

Senior Photo, Baby Photo, & Senior Ride Photo Submission Instructions:

All photos are due by FRIDAY JANUARY 10th, 2020

*Make sure your photo is at least 750 px by 1050 px (smaller images will be rejected, as they will appear pixelated when printed)

**If your senior photos were done by a professional, the quality and size of your photo should be fine.

How to Upload Photos:
  1. Log on to:
  2. Enter user ID: 413433677
  3. Browse to select the photo you wish to upload, click on “Select My Images.”
  4. Enter information about the photo and provide contact information. **Please include the student’s name, an email we can reach you at, and THE NAME OF YOUR CAR (if applicable).
  5. Click “Upload Chosen Images.”

**DO NOT EMAIL OR UPLOAD PHOTOS TO REPLAYIT. Uploading your photos through this process will NOT guarantee their placement in the yearbook. Photos that are emailed, or are submitted through other methods run the risk of being misplaced/lost.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to Mrs. Thorpe (S 212) or email her at

2019-20 Senior Recognition Ad Instructions


Please use the following steps to create your senior’s personalized ad in the yearbook. Go to

  1. Enter “Eatonville High School” in the “get started now” bar.
  2. Click “Yearbook Recognition Ads” in the right hand column.
  3. Click “Sign In or Register” to either log into your Jostens account, or to create a new Jostens account. You MUST be logged into an account to create an ad.
  4. Once you are logged in, follow the prompts to create your ad.

*Prices vary based on the size of your ad.