Clubs & Activities

At Eatonville High School, we encourage students to get involved in some type of extracurricular activity.  Multiple opportunities are provided for students, both within the school day and after-school.  In addition to athletics, we offer the following options for students.

Club Day

At least once per month, the Friday Advisory period is dedicated to clubs.  Clubs offered during that time vary year to year based on student interest.  The following clubs are currently active:

  • Guitar Club

  • Books and Coffee

  • Running Club

  • Self-Care Club

  • Movie Club

  • Music Club

  • Tabletop Game Club

  • Disney Club

  • Horse Club

  • Fantasy Football and Sports Club

  • Homework Help

  • Advanced Video Club

  • Board Games and Cards

  • Cartoons and Coloring Club

  • Model Airplane Club

  • Creative Writing Club

  • Great British Baking Club

ASB Clubs & Activities

In addition to the in-school clubs, we offer other options within our ASB structure.  These clubs and activities are more formalized, with elected student officers, constitutions, budgets and fundraising.  These clubs typically meet outside of the school day, often participating in competitions, organizing events or service projects.  Again, these clubs and activities vary year to year based on student interest.  The following are currently active:

  • Chess Club

  • Diversity Club

  • Drama Club

  • Key Club

  • National Honor Society

  • Knowledge Bowl

  • Robotics Club