Coach / Administrator / Community Contributor Nomination Page

Application Instructions:

Any Eatonville High School athlete is eligible to be nominated for the Athletic Hall of Fame ten years after they have graduated. The athlete must meet the required criteria as listed on the application form. Please submit documentation to verify the nominee's accomplishments as listed on the application form and a photo. Completed applications must be submitted to the Eatonville High School Athletic Department by February 1. A nominee that is not selected in given year will have their application reconsidered in the future.

Selection Timeline

Nomination paperwork is collected throughout the year. The selection committee meets in late spring. Selections will be made before June 1, and the inductee(s) will be announced by mid summer. Inductees will be recognized at half-time of a home basketball game or football game.

Selection Process

Any person may nominate a candidate for the Athletic Hall of Fame. Nomination Forms are available on our website Hall of Fame Nomination Form and at the athletic directors office.

Once a nomination is received it will be reviewed by a committee of up to 15 administrators, coaches and community members. The voting committee members must be present at the meeting. Recipients of the award will have received a minimum of 70% of the committee vote. Each year the committee may select up to five (5) new members for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame.