Physical Education/Health

Eatonville High School is committed to providing a daily, quality Physical Education program that builds knowledge, fitness, movement skills, social well-being and confidence so all students can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

The program goals will be accomplished by:


  • An articulated written curriculum aligned with state standards (i.e. nutrition, goal setting, five components of fitness)

Physical Fitness

  • Progressive physical fitness skills articulated from our students

  • Fitness measurements are used to track students’ fitness

  • Implementation of personal fitness plans

Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Developmentally appropriate progressive motor skills

  • Team, individual and lifetime activities that build the habit of an active lifestyle

  • Social Well-being to improving social relationships, and emotional well-being through active engagement in physical activity

The educational community will support student learning by providing:

  • Community and parents modeling healthy physical and nutritional behaviors

  • School board members, administrators, classroom teachers, nutritional services, counselors, nurses, and social services supporting coordinated school wide involvement in improving students’ fitness and health

  • Maintaining clean, safe and adequate equipment and facilities for all students.

  • All students have the opportunity to reach our Physical Education program goals by not allowing compromised scheduling, substitutions, or inadequate time.

The overall purpose of the physical education program is to create an exemplary program that sets the benchmark for excellence in physical education.