Located at the heart of Eatonville, we are dedicated to continuing excellence in music education and serve a diverse and dynamic student body through daily music ensembles which include two concert bands, a jazz band, marching band, and pep band.  Students from every educational program and background are afforded the ability to participate, and more than a third of the school's population is enrolled in a music ensemble.

The Eatonville School District’s Band Program is a safe place that is collaborative and will develop discipline, teamwork and musicianship.  We teach patience, persistence, and responsibility which allow students a chance to develop musical skills and knowledge through rigor, commitment, and dedication in order to complete the whole musician.

Eatonville High School students experience various types and styles of music, including diverse cultural genres and music from different historical periods while performing, interpreting, and analyzing music. Students understand and apply the fundamentals, skills, and techniques of music in rehearsals and beyond the classroom.