Cruiser Success Center

The Cruiser Success Center is an Alternative Learning Environment as defined by state law. Students may be members of the CSC for a number of reasons, but they fall into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Students that have fallen behind in credits and need an environment that allows them to earn credits at an accelerated pace;
  2. Students that have difficulty learning in the traditional classroom environment;
  3. Students that have career, or personal goals that require accelerated progression through high school course work.

The goal for students in the first category is to earn the credits necessary to be on target for graduation by the end of the school year. For students in the second category, the goal is to make at least one year of progress (6 credits or 12 semester classes) by the end of the school year. Students in the third category have the goal of completing all course work needed to reach the next step in their career or personal goals by the end of the school year. Regardless of category, all students will be evaluated on progress toward their goals weekly and monthly

Weekly and Monthly Progress Evaluation:

Courses are taken online and progress in each course is measured in percent complete. Each class starts at 0% complete and ends at 100% complete. For example, if a student needs to complete 12 semester classes, they will need to make 1200% progress to complete them by the end of the school year. That 1200% is divided by the number of days in the school year to get the percent that needs to be completed each day in order to make adequate progress toward their goals. In this example it would be roughly 7%. Student progress is monitored daily and evaluated weekly. If the student in this example averages 7% progress (or more) per day they have made satisfactory progress. If this student fails to average 7% progress per day for the month, then monthly progress is unsatisfactory and an Intervention Plan will be put into place for the following month.

By state law (WAC 392-121-182), if a student fails to make satisfactory progress “no more than three consecutive calendar months” an educational program that better meets the students’ needs must be implemented.

Instructional Materials:

All learning activity resources including syllabi, learning goals, and performance objectives are available at: The online courses are accessed via login and password given directly to the student upon enrollment.