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Welcome to "Cruiser Country"

Past versus present comparison of Eatonville high school

Eatonville High School (EHS) is the only high school serving the Eatonville School District. It’s located in the shadow of Mount Rainier, with a scenic background of wooded hills, multiple lakes and farmland. The district encompasses a rural area of 450.5 square miles and is home to 633 “Cruisers” – the school mascot.

EHS enjoys a rich history stretching back to July 4th,1915, when Eatonville residents laid the cornerstone of a new high school. There was a great amount of civic pride in the school, which was touted as the “leading rural school system in the Pacific Northwest.” That pride extends to present day. Through the years EHS has gone through a number of renovations, all with extensive stakeholder input. The most recent was a complete remodel in 2008-09, bringing the facilities up to a high standard of safety and function, while retaining the historic charm of the campus – a high priority for Eatonville residents.

Eatonville High School is focused on preparing our students to be productive members of society through academic, emotional, social and physical development of their skills. The goal is for all students to succeed in their chosen career path following high school, whatever that entails. In addition to rigorous academic material, EHS offers multiple opportunities for students to explore technical programs and internships. Students begin preparing for post-secondary education in their freshman year, including choosing a career pathway, completing a senior project which includes community service and formulating a plan for “after graduation.”

At EHS we have a strong career planning component, a high graduation rate (96.5%), and multiple innovative programs including AVID, Springboard, IGNITE & TDG. We are working toward a 100% graduation rate, but our true goal is preparing all students for success following high school.

Our Mission: Together, we commit to inspiring life-long learners to create a better future.

Our Vision: Our vision is for all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to succeed in our community and the global society. We must inspire, allow innovation, create safe and strong academic opportunities to allow all students to realize success and thrive in the 21st Century workplace.