From Eatonville's three Elementary STEM Lighthouse schools to the GRITS Farm and our two secondary schools, STEM plays an important roll in the Eatonville School District, and each school takes a different approach to integrating STEM into instruction. Eatonville recognizes that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are essential skills and knowledge areas for our students who will make up the future workforce.

STEM instruction is delivered in many ways to students across the district. Columbia Crest recycles, upcycles, and composts in worm bins. STEM at Weyerhaeuser Elementary is outdoor focused with Mr. A, Wildcat Woods, and the school's outdoor center. Eatonville Elementary has STEM electives on Wednesdays and students choose an area of interest for a six week period of STEM learning. At the Eatonville Middle and High School, students have many options to learn about STEM. These opportunities range from classes and clubs, in areas like robotics, coding, video production, and more. For even more information on STEM instruction, programs and clubs contact your school.