Counseling Services

  • Promoting Educational Success

    The Guidance Office and Career Center are the central hubs for students’ understanding of their career pathways. It is here that students begin to gain an idea as to what their future occupation will be. A multitude of things are offered in the Guidance Office and Career Center including counseling and academic help. Career, individual, group, and guidance counseling are offered, as well as the following:

    • Consultations with teachers/parents to assist in identifying possible learning disabilities and working to resolve academic problems.
    • Parent and student interventions.
    • Consultations with Child Protective Services and law enforcement and consultations with community agencies.

    The counselors are also in charge of the following:

    • Schedule changes within the first ten days of any semester
    • Academic planning by assisting students in selecting and scheduling high school courses.
    • Maintenance of academic records.
    • Classroom presentations for four-year plan and/or post-high school plan.
    • Individual and group post-high school planning.
    • Coordination of information about career and technical education programs, colleges, financial aid, military programs and scholarships.
    • Coordination of academic, college and vocational testing and test interpretation.
    • Coordination of information for drug/alcohol intervention and assessments.
    • And assistance in teacher/student/parent conferences.
  • Guidance Office

    302 Mashell Ave. N. Eatonville, WA 98328

    Phone: (360) 879-1212

    Fax: (360) 879-1280