•          Dear Eatonville Elementary Families  

    • I want to welcome everyone back to school.  We are all excited to begin this year.  It will be our first full year as an A-Stem Lighthouse School.  Our Makerspace in P1 is beautiful and ready to go.  We will also have two Makerspace maker carts, one in P1, that was generously purchased by our Booster Club, and one in our library.  Our district farm is also a great opportunity for our students to work with plants and food production.


      We are happy to announce that we have added new staff to our building also:

      Cathy Colbert - Pre-School

      Jana McIlraith -  Counselor

      Delaney Anderson - Recess

      Jennifer Smith - Lunchroom

      Joellen Rath - Special Ed

      Kim Henely - Librarian

      Christy Effler - Special Ed. Teacher

      Hayley Hancock - First Grade Teacher

      Katie Greene - Kindergarten Teacher

      Bettina Holden - Special Ed


      The new student supply procedure is moving along very well.  Teachers are happy with the quailty and quantity of supplies.  The orders will be ongoing all year.  Many parents have expressed pleasure while some have had concerns.  I want you to trust in the system and know that we will not be asking for any items for the rest of the year.  The supplies for this year are different from the past years.  


      This year we will be an AVID School third - fifth grade.  We will be an AVID Schol third - fifth grade.  We will be introducing some AVID Strategies K - 2 also. AVID is a systematic approach in order to support all students on their journey to college and career readiness. Your child's teacher will be sharing more imformation regarding AVID.