STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

  • Mission Statement:

         Capitalizing on the innate curiosity of students, Columbia Crest STEM School will inspire all students to learn and grow through intentional integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with an environmental focus.


         Columbia Crest STEM School will provide a strong academic foundation through both exploratory and project based learning.

     What is STEM?

          As defined by the Washington State STEM Education Foundation, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education creates an integrated, innovative, learning environment through weaving these subjects into every classroom.  

         The STEM approach transforms a typical teacher-centered classroom into a facilitated learning experience driven by problem-solving, discovery, and exploratory learning.

         More and more jobs today are focused on STEM, and in order for our students to be ready and well qualified for those jobs, their understanding of STEM topics must be thorough.

         Will CC continue to serve K-6 students? Columbia Crest will continue to  serve grades K-6 with the possibility of extending the school to include seventh and eighth grade again in the future.

     Is my child eligible to attend the CC STEM School?

         All students in grades K-6 who live within the Columbia Crest attendance area.  All other Eatonville School District and out-of-district students have the option of enrolling by completing the appropriate transfer paperwork (on a “space available” basis).  There is no selection process.  If your child is interested in STEM and willing to engage in learning we want him/her to join us on this journey!

     How is a STEM learning environment different from an average elementary classroom?

         STEM classrooms integrate curriculum instead of teaching them in isolation.  Students learn in an engaging, problem based environment where collaboration and creativity are encouraged and supported.

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