•      Attendance is extremely important for student success. When students are late to school or absent, they miss the classroom activities and discussions that are important for learning.  These experiences cannot be made up.  Students need to take advantage of the opportunity provided to them to learn something new!

    • Students need to attend school every day in accordance with the Compulsory Education Act passed by the State of Washington on June 2, 1992.  Exceptions are illness, a religious observance, or a family emergency.
    • Parents are asked to call the school office in the morning if their child will be absent that day.  The office will call home if a call from a parent is not received by 9:00 am.
    • Students are required to bring a note, signed by a parent, when returning from an absence or tardy.
    • An adult must sign students in when arriving late.  Parents must sign out in the office when picking their child up early from school.
    • If a child is absent from school without parents’ permission or leaves school grounds without permission from the office, parent(s) will be contacted and the student will receive disciplinary consequences. 
    • Assignments missed during absences must be made up.  When requesting work for absent students, please give teachers 24 hours to gather and prepare materials.  As hands on project based learning environment it is difficult for student to make up exactly what was done in class.
    • Any student arriving after 8:59 or leaving prior to 2:00 will be counted as a half day absence