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    Set Goals!

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          Students, your success is our success. We know our classrooms are full of future doctors, attorneys, scientists, community leaders, writers, architects, teachers and more.

          You deserve only the best instruction, and your teachers work hard to make that possible. Whether you are in elementary, middle or high school, it is important that you make the most of every school day. Come to school, learn from your teachers, and challenge yourself to do your best each day.

          This section of the website provides resources that will help you as you continue your educational journey with Eatonville School District.

    We challenge you to be the greatest learner you can be.

    Prepare for the 13th Year & Beyond

          Students begin preparing for post-secondary education in their freshman year.  To earn an Eatonville High School diploma studdtns must earn 22 credits, complete specific courses, pass state tests, choose a career pathway, complete a senior project which includes community service and complete a plan for "after" graduation.

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    Overcoming Test Anxiety - Taking Test Strategies

          Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam.  However, when it affects your performance, it becomes a problem.  To minimize your stress level, read the following suggestions:

    • Compare how you did on a similar test in the past.  Review your previous tests when studying for the final exam.

    • Arrive early for tests - good preparation helps you focus on the task at hand.

    • Be comfortable but alert.  Choose a good spot in the room and make sure you have enough space to work.

    • Stay relaxed and confident.  Keep a good attitude and remind yourself you are prepared and are going to do well.  If you are nervous, take a few deep breaths.  Don't talk to other students about being nervous.  Anxiety breeds anxiety.

    • Read the directions carefully.  This will help you avoid careless errors.

    • Answer questions strategically by answering the easy questions first and then tackling the difficult questions last.  

    • Review to make sure you did not skip any questions or mis-mark an answer.  Also review your grammar, spelling, punctuation, decimal points, etc.