Little Explorers

“Little Explorers Adventure Academy” is a brand NEW, nature-based program for 3 and 4-year-olds! This program is located at Columbia Crest in Ashford. 

Limited spaces are available for this exciting opportunity, so don't miss out! Secure your child's spot by submitting your application of interest through the link below by Friday, March 29th.

Little Explorers Adventure Academy Interest Form.

Starting in the Fall of 2024:

  • Immerse your little explorer in the wonders of nature

  • Foster a love for outdoor learning and discovery

  • Develop important skills through hands-on exploration

Don't let this chance for your child to connect with nature slip away! Please submit your application and embark on this exciting journey with us.

One significant benefit of outdoor education is that it enhances children's physical health and overall well-being. Research suggests that exposure to outdoor environments encourages physical activity, which can lead to improved motor skills, coordination, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, being outdoors exposes children to natural elements like sunlight, fresh air, and green spaces, which can boost their immune systems and contribute to better overall health.

All Transition-to-Kindergarten families who are currently enrolled at CCA for next year have a secured spot in the program.

Little Explorers Adventure Academy