Transportation Input

During the public input Transportation Forum on September 20, 2023 we collected various ideas from community members, parents and other stakeholders in an attempt to mitigate the current shortage of bus drivers. Additionally, we have compiled feedback submitted through our digital form for those who were unable to attend.

Please know the following ideas have not been vetted, nor approved by our Risk Management Insurance provider and have not been evaluated as a viable financial option. While these suggestions are appreciated we may not be able to implement them. However, in full transparency we wanted to publish the list.

If you have further ideas not mentioned, we kindly ask that you submit your input by filling out the google form below.

Next Steps 

The administrative team will meet to review all suggested ideas in an upcoming meeting.  We will explore establishing a possible stakeholder advisory committee to work toward these ongoing efforts.  We will continue to update our community as new information becomes available. 

Transportation Forum Ideas - September 20, 2023