Bus Rider Etiquette

Student Transportation Rules for Riding School Buses

Student Conduct on Buses

Students shall obey the driver and any aide assigned to the bus by the district. The driver is in full charge of the bus and passengers and shall be obeyed. If an aide is assigned to the bus by the district, he/she shall be responsible for the behavior and safety of their assigned student. When transporting classes or teams, the teacher or coach shall be primarily responsible for the behavior of the students. Students shall obey both the driver and the teacher, coach or other staff member. Any misconduct by a student, which in the opinion of the bus driver or bus supervisor, is detrimental to the safe operation of the bus, shall be sufficient cause for the Transportation Supervisor to consider the incident exceptional misconduct and potentially suspend the transportation privilege.

Rules for students riding buses:
  1. Unless the bus driver has written permission from the school office, no student shall be permitted to leave the bus except at his or her regular stop.
  2. The driver may assign each student a seat in which he or she must be seated at all times unless permission to change is given by the driver.
  3. Special permission must be granted by school authorities to transport any large items.
  4. Students shall not have animals on buses, except a dog providing assistance to a disabled student, unless permission is given by the superintendent.
  5. Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes ahead of time to keep the bus on schedule.
  6. Students going to and from their bus stops where there are no sidewalks shall walk on the left-hand side of the roadway facing oncoming traffic. Students are encouraged to go directly to their home after leaving the bus.
  7. Parents of students identified as causing damage to buses shall be charged with the cost of the incurred damage.
  8. Students causing the damage may be suspended from transportation. H. Skate Boards are not allowed on buses.
  9. All cell phones are to be turned off and kept in backpacks or purses while on the bus.
Conduct for students riding buses:

Students shall observe the rules of classroom conduct while riding on buses.

  1. Noise shall be kept down to avoid distracting the driver. Students shall refrain from the use of obscene language or gestures.
  2. Students shall not eat or drink on buses, except when specifically authorized and supervised by an accompanying teacher, coach or other staff member. Buses shall be kept clean.
  3. The student shall ask permission to open a window from the school bus driver.
  4. No student shall extend his/her head, hands, or arms out of the windows, whether the school bus is in motion or standing still.
  5. Students shall go directly to a seat once inside the bus and remain seated while the bus is in motion and are not to get up until the bus has come to a full stop.
  6. Students shall not push or shove others when boarding or leaving the bus. Once off the bus, students shall adhere to rules for pedestrians.
  7. Students shall never cross the roadway behind a bus.
  8. Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as prescribed by the driver.


Understanding how to be safe on and around the school bus is serious business, but Hoppy & Pengie make learning fun. Watch this important video together...we bet even "big people" will learn something new.