Technology Training

Welcome to Eatonville School District's Technology Training Site, here we'll be providing you some useful resources that can help you improve your skills and abilities with technology and using it in the classroom.

To give you a bit of heads up we support all major operating systems here at Eatonville School District. This includes Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, as well as Google's Android and ChromeOS Operating Systems. We've chosen this because we never know what a child will be doing later in the life, and giving them the tools to succeed on any computer is very important to us as a School District, no matter the operating system.

In order to unify all of the different Operation Systems together we have chosen to use Google's Ecosystem to provide us the continuity between all of the different platforms, so we will focus the majority of our training on Google's Ecosystem.

Let's start off with some online training:

Google for Education/Training Center

Here you will find training, certifications and resources to help better understand, use and implement Google's Products in the classroom.

Simply "Sign In" in the top right hand corner, and navigate to either training, certification or resources to get started!


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Here you will find training on how to better use Microsoft's products in the classroom. This website is full of useful tips, tricks and videos on how to better use Windows OS, and its products.

Simple "Sign In" in the top right hand corner and begin training!