Digital Citizenship

Internet Filtering

Eatonville School District staff and students have all of their internet filtered through federally compliant filters at school and outside of school regardless of the WiFi that the student joins via our partner Securly.

Securly LogoFeature set for Securly:

  • Cloud Based Web Filtering
  • Take-home Policies
  • SSL Decryption
  • Cyber Bullying and Self Harm Detection
  • Google Single Sign-On


Clever LogoClever powers technology in the classroom. It gives software applications a platform to easily connect with our schools and give our districts a central location to manage all of our learning resources.

Reclaimed learning time

When our schools use Clever, time spent troubleshooting technology becomes a thing of the past—giving our teachers and students back precious instructional and learning time.

Safe and secure

Clever sets the best practices in privacy, security, and data control to help districts and applications keep student data safe.

Easy logins for young students

Clever Badges gives K-1 students a unique and fun way to log in to their learning software and Chromebook—no typing necessary. Our teachers don’t have to spend classroom time getting everybody set up, and with Clever's unique direct-device login to Google Chromebooks, even the youngest of learners can immediately start their lessons in their favorite apps without any help.

Device Safety

At Eatonville School District, all Chromebooks are managed through a mobile device management platform. This software provides Eatonville with the following safeguards for protecting these devices:

  • If a Chromebook is lost of stolen, the device can be turned into a "brick" or otherwise rendered unusable by anyone. When the Chromebook is returned to the district, we are able to "unbrick" the device and the student can use it again.
  • Eatonville School District can regulate which apps are downloaded to each device.
  • All of the student's homework projects are securely saved on Google's encrypted servers. If a device is ever lost or stolen, all of the information us saved on the cloud. This allows a student to access all of their information from any Chromebook or computer with their school district email and password. If you want to ensure more security with your student's account consider activating two-step authentication.
  • We are able to fix most issues with a Chromebook remotely, so that the student can continue to successfully use the Chromebook in teaching and learning.

Common Sense Media

Eatonville School District follows the Common Sense Media guide to digital citizenship for all students. We follow a course of lessons on media literacy, password safety, cyber bullying, and more.

For more information please visit Common Sense Media.

The Digital Citizen


Family Media Agreement K-12

A healthy media diet balances three things: what kids do, how much time they spend doing it, and whether their content choices are age-appropriate. Mixing media and tech time with other activities will help families find that happy medium. Use our Family Media Agreement and Device Contract to set realistic rules that make sense for your family so you and your kids can make the most out of media and tech time.

Family Media Agreement and Device Contract

Digital Glossary

iPhone with Digital Glossary iconsNot sure how to decode your teens’ shorthand in the digital world? Feel like you need to brush up on the latest digital apps? Still think that MySpace is the right space?

We've got you covered with the Common Sense Digital Glossary FTW.

For more resources that help parents, kids, and educators thrive in a world of digital technology, visit our Parent Concerns pages and Connecting Families program.

Digital Glossary

Parent Advice Videos

Please visit the Common Sense Media page that helps address a parent concerns with questions like; "How much tech is too much for toddlers?" or "Are curious kids safe online?"

Parent Concerns

Family Tip Sheets

These digital literacy and citizenship tip sheets are available and can be printed out, or viewed online in order to help bring understanding for parents and students to issues that affect us in a digital world.

Family Tip Sheets

Cyberbullying Resources

Once kids go online, their chances of finding cyberbullies, haters, and trolls is, sadly, quite high. Find age-specific guidelines, videos, and articles to help with tough conversations -- whether your kid is a bullyor is being bullied. We answer all your cyberbullying questions, offering age-appropriate advice, school resources, and more from parents and experts.

Cyberbullying Videos

Privacy and Internet Safety Resources

To help kids maximize the Internet's benefits -- while minimizing the risks -- Common Sense Media offer the latest research, tips, and tools on what really keeps kids safe. Which privacy settings should you use? What are the ins and outs of parental controls? Get tips on everything from the basics, such as smart usernames, to the big stuff, such as appropriate sharing.

Privacy and Internet Safety

Learning with Technology

Learning with technology, whether with a math app, a video how-to, or a wiki, opens up a new world of discovery for kids. And as they access information in novel ways, kids are preparing for life in a new interconnected, global world. Learn how to spot the good stuff, find the right products for your kids' needs, and foster a love of learning.

Learning with Technology