Chromebook Insurance

Eatonville School District Digital Device Coverage Program

Enrollment Information For District Issued Devices

The Digital Device Coverage Program is optional and provides an inexpensive solution for parents to lessen the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs. Parents/guardians may opt out of the Digital Device Coverage Program but will be fully responsible for any associated cost for loss, damage, or theft. The Digital Device Coverage Program will cover one school year and is non-refundable.

Please Note: Digital Device Coverage must be purchased within 30 days of device checkout or you will be assumed to be opted out of the program.

  • Two incidents total, in any combination (damage/stolen), are covered per year.
  • If the lost or stolen Digital Device is recovered in working condition, the deductible will be refunded.
  • If a student leaves the District but does not return an issued device, a fine for the full replacement cost will be placed on the student record, and standard rules for the restriction of records and transcripts would apply. Law enforcement may be involved to recover district property.
  • If you choose not to enroll in the Digital Device Coverage Program, you will be financially responsible for the full cost for repair or replacement of the Device.

Annual Cost Per Student 

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Standard Cost


Free Lunch Status


Covered Incidents

                                    Accidental Damage, Stolen (requires police report), Fire, Flood, or Natural Disaster

Not Covered Incidents

                                                                                           Lost/Damaged Cords

Lost/Damaged Charger

Intentional Damage

Lost/stolen without Copy of Police report

Coverage Limits

Accidental Damage

                                                                                                 First Incident: $0

Second Incident: Full Cost


                                                                                             First Incident: $75

Second Incident: Full Cost


                   Police Report is required to be filed within 24 hours of being stolen and a copy provided to the school district.

Uninsured or Additional Incident Costs


Digital Devices $325


                                                                                    Screen Replacement $130

Charger $25

Touchpad $75

Battery $60

Other Miscellaneous Damage and Parts $25