Eatonville School District’s Technology Department is responsible for technological advances around the district from purchasing the latest technology, customer service and technological repair, to advances in network coverage, server capacity, and web design and management. We strive to provide a comprehensive service for our co-workers ensuring they have all their technology needs met.

We also strive to provide extensive possibilities to ensure our students have every opportunity to sample and become familiar with technology for real world applications. From the ubiquitous Windows and Mac machines to the new Chrome boxes we strive to provide a comprehensive look at technology to prepare students for the future.

Technology Manager

Byron Adams


302 Mashell Ave N

PO BOX 698

Eatonville, WA 98328


(360) 879-1000

Mission Statement

To foster passion and confidence within students, teachers and staff to build a culture of innovative teacher and learning practice to promote equity, positively impact student achievement, and meet the unknown challenges of the future.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to succeed in our community and the global society. We must inspire, allow innovation, create safe and strong academic opportunities to allow all students to realize success and thrive in the 21st Century workplace.

Digital Learning Environments

Provide the infrastructure to create and support a learning environment where Digital Learning can occur naturally and easily.

21st Century Educators and Leaders

Provide training and opportunities for district leaders, building leaders, and district educators to develop their Digital Learning knowledge, practice and leadership.

Personalized Learning

Provide training and support to meet all students individual needs through personalized instruction and learning opportunities

Technology Values


We believe that all students should have the possibility to wonder, create and innovate in schools every day!


We believe that students must engage in work that allows them to persist, develop grit and to learn persistence in an environment where it is OK to fail and learn. We believe in a strong work ethic and excellent academic programs.


We believe in encouraging students to learn accountability and to become self reliant through rigorous coursework and relevant opportunities to grow. In addition, we believe all staff and district programs are accountable to the students they serve.


We believe that respect, honor, truth and tradition are integral parts of a student’s learning and as a community of learners, we all share this responsibility to encourage our youth to develop their optimal potential.


We believe that children need each of us to act as their advocate. All children can succeed in their pursuits: college, workforce, community engagement


We believe that all children of differing cultures and backgrounds must have the same opportunities and will be supported by the community to become their most successful adults.