Current Curriculum Pilots

K-5th Grade Current ELA Pilot

There are 17 teachers piloting two programs:

1. Savvas (myView)

2. Magnetic

Why are we piloting new K-5 Language Arts Curriculum? 

  • Our materials are outdated and not fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards

  • To create greater coherence and consistency across classrooms the adoption will help us work toward the Academic Success Pillar in the new strategic plan: We will promote a culture that prioritizes high academic expectations through supports and enrichment systems that meet the needs of all students.  Objective: We will promote a culture that prioritizes academic success through rigorous curriculum and instruction.  

How can I help my student at home?  

You can help your students at home by asking them about what they are learning in class. For instance, you can ask your student about what new words they have learned and to retell a story they enjoyed. You can ask about the key features of writing they have done or historical people or events they have learned about. To be involved in the Pilot process, and to learn more about the materials. You can click on the links below to see the materials that may be piloted in your child’s classroom.

My View Savvas: SavvasMyView

Magnetic Curriculum Associates: CurrAssocMagnetic

Are there any key events or dates I should be aware of? 

  • March 1 to May 3rd Pilot materials in some classrooms 

  • March 19, 2024 Community Review of ELA materials meeting

  • March 20-April 16, 2024 Individuals can schedule time to review materials

  • Spring 2024 –  IMC Review and School Board Recommendation meeting 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sally Keeley  Ex. Director of Teaching and Learning