Mental Health News

Mental Health Staffing
School Year 2022-23

What types of employees are included under ‘Mental Health’?
Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists

How many mental health staff serve our students?
Eatonville School District currently has 9.5 mental health staff serving our district. This consists

  • 5.5 Counselors
  • 2 Counselors/Social Workers
  • 2 Psychologists

How many mental health staffing units are we funded for?
4.6 Staffing Units.

We have 4.9 unfunded staffing units. How is the difference funded?

  • Unfunded Mental Health Staff are primarily paid for through our local LEVY dollars.
  • Other sources of revenue for mental health staff may include state funded Special Education and Learning Assistance.
  • Additional temporary funding source is ESSER, or COVID-Relief. The last phase of this expires August 2024.

How are our staffing units determined?
Staffing units are driven by our average, annual enrollment. This is calculated at the school
level and districtwide level to determine actual staffing.

Why is mental health important for students?

Stronger mental health for students means they can learn better and be more likely to realize the full potential of their abilities. Students’ mental health in school is a crucial part of the education system. Ultimately, students with positive mental health can build relationships more effectively, make decisions, and work together. Research demonstrates that students who receive social–emotional and mental and behavioral health support achieve better academically. These positive effects support the individual student and their larger community as they enter adulthood

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