Eatonville High School Spotlight

During the January 11th, 2023 School Board Meeting, Principal Amy Sturdivant, from Eatonville High School presented to the school board directors.  The Eatonville High School Culinary Arts students prepared refreshments for the board members and audience including a charcuterie board and a variety of pastries.  

In her presentation to the board, Mrs. Sturdivant explained the annual goals and the action steps they have identified in order to reach those goals.  Student learning, behavioral and social-emotional data was presented, along with a highlight of student work.  The presentation included:

Brain dissection - 

Alana Nelson, Jason Campbell, Kevin Johnson and Ava Toulouse, four student scientists who are currently enrolled in the Human Body Systems course, led school board members and other volunteers through a dissection of a sheep brain.  Students explained the different parts of their brain, including their location and function and highlighted the differences between the human brain and the sheep brain.

The Health Science Pathway is one of 10 CTE pathway options available to students at EHS.  The Health Science pathway includes the Biomedical Science course and the Human Body Systems course.  Both are full year courses that give students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology.

EHS staff encourage each student to engage in a 2-year sequence of courses that allow them hands-on experiences in areas that interest them.  The CTE pathways are:

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources

  • Architecture and Construction

  • Arts, Technology, and Communication

  • Business Management and Administration

  • Education and Training

  • Health Science

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Information Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Current Washington State Graduation requirements include the following linked here.

2022 Graduation Rate 98.3 % - The staff at Eatonville High School believe wholeheartedly in their K-12 system and do everything in their power to ensure that each student is successful.  However, they recognize that a small percentage of students struggle within the traditional system due to life circumstances, individual aptitude, or preference.  Their goal is to work with each student to be sure they find a pathway to a diploma and beyond.  They work closely with students and families to identify and remove barriers within their system throughout all 4 years.  In addition, they have a variety of safety nets for students that continue to struggle, including alternative programs for students that allow them to earn their diploma.

Other highlights:

  • Continued training for teachers in best instructional practices, including Open Up math training, Teachers Development Group training for math teachers, Universal Design for Learning for all teachers.

  • Content area Professional Learning Communities meet weekly to focus on improved instructional practices and problem solving related to student learning.

  • Increased academic achievement overall. They are especially proud of the 9th graders for such a strong start to their high school experience.  The most recent data shows that 90% of 9th grade students are passing their math class.  The graph below shows the improved academic performance of all students in English language arts (ELA) and math.

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