Purchasing Procedures


Complete the form properly. The more information you provide, the quicker your order will be processed. Lack of information delays the process. Please write legibly or type requisitions.


    • Give the item number (if ordering books use the ISNB number)
    • Use current prices
    • Carry out extension prices
    • Add shipping, if known, or estimate 15% shipping
    • Add Eatonville tax rate. All orders delivered here should have this tax rate


    • Attach a copy of brochure that shows when & where function is being held
    • If staff development money is being used, approval forms should be attached

After completing the requisition forward it to the building secretary for entering online.

The requisition will go through the approval process and be made into a purchase order by Carolyn Cameron. Once the purchase order has been made a copy will be sent to the vendor and a copy will be sent back to the building secretary. When the product has been received or the conference attended the green copy of the purchase order will need to be signed and returned to Carolyn Cameron. The signed green copy shows that the product has been received and any invoices against that purchase order can be paid.


    • Make a copy of the requisition for your records
    • Make a note of the phone number of the company for future reference
    • If you have received your products or attended your conference and haven’t signed the green copy of the purchase order ask your building secretary