Community Day

The 108th Annual Community Day

How this long tradition started and credit to the school children that made this happen so many years ago. Community Day got its start in 1913 where at the time, the town was 800 people with a few saloons, stores and a wood schoolhouse. The kids cleaned up the school grounds as a “town clean up day” suggested to the mayor to remove the graffiti. The residents got into the event and rubbish was soon gone. What couldn’t be burned was hauled away and Community Day was born, following the clean up, Community Day included a baseball game and socializing. As the years progressed, the popular Community Day programs were varied and elaborate. In 1926, over 3,000 people attended. It took two days to build the booths and the highlight of the year was laying the cornerstone of the Masonic Lodge as well as the first crowning of the MayDay Queen - Faye Williams by King Bill Smith. The first royal court was started by Bertha Mahaffie, hence where the MayDay court name was incorporated into Community Day. by  about 1936, Community Day had become mostly a May Fete Celebration where grade school children participated with folk dances before the floral throne of the King and Queen. There were also track events, a school baseball game, a senior play in the evening and displays of different grades and school departments. Fast forward to today to the first Friday in May. Eatonville still celebrates Community Day and the MayDay Court.