2018 Eatonville School District Collective Bargaining

Bargaining Updates

September 10, 2018

Superintendent Krestin Bahr is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached between the Eatonville School District and the Eatonville Education Association (or EEA, the union representing the teachers). There will be no work stoppage. There is school tomorrow on September 11th, and there is school Wednesday September 12th for all students. As a reminder, preschool students do not attend school on Wednesdays.

We are excited to move forward together for Eatonville’s kids and the community.

September 9, 2018

The Eatonville School District and the Eatonville Education Association (or EEA, the union representing the teachers) met again Sunday and continued bargaining. While no agreement was reached, both sides bargained in good faith and negotiated well into the afternoon. If an agreement is not reached, the EEA is still planning to begin a work stoppage on Wednesday, September 12th.

For students and their families, there will be school Monday and Tuesday. Preschool and kindergarten students will start school tomorrow, Monday September 10th. Please check the Eatonville School District website and social media for updates. We will also send email and/or phone messages when information becomes available after Monday’s negotiations.

September 7, 2018

The Eatonville Education Association (or EEA, the union representing the teachers) notified us Wednesday, the 5th of September, that their teachers had authorized their bargaining team to call for a strike on Monday, September 10th unless an agreement was reached by Friday, the 7th.

The Eatonville School District and teachers’ union met Thursday afternoon to continue bargaining. The outcome of Thursday’s negotiations led to an additional bargaining session scheduled for Sunday, September 9th. The EEA bargaining team pushed back a potential work stoppage to Wednesday, September 12th.

Both sides continue to bargain in good faith and we are confident that an agreement will be reached.

What does this mean for students and families? School will be in session Monday and Tuesday, and preschool and kindergarten students will start school on time, Monday the 10th of September. Please check the Eatonville School District website and social media for updates. We will also send email and phone messages when information becomes available after Sunday’s negotiations.

Superintendent Bahr's June Message Regarding the Levy Roll Back to $1.50/$1000 of Assessed Value

This year was a time of hard fought advocacy for Eatonville School District and its children and community. It's been a hard thing this spring for me to look at what implications the last legislative session have meant and come to terms with how this affects our community. There are really two main issues that have occurred.

I am so thankful that our Eatonville Community was willing to pass our requested levy at $2.51/$1000 and pass our capital levy at $0.25/$1000. Passing at over 60% was a wonderful statement about the support our community has for its schools, and was so awesome!

Alas, one outcome of the session was as follows:

In June 2017, the Washington State Legislature passed HB2242 as an answer to McCleary, the suit brought against the state for not fully funding education. One of the unexpected pieces of the bill was a cap of $1.50 for local levy rates. We asked you, the community, to pass an Educational Programs and Operations levy with a rate of $2.51 while we lobbied and tried to educate our legislators on the harmful effects of their legislation on our school district. You answered with an overwhelming passage of the levy. Sadly, the legislature chose not to act on the information shared with them by educators across the state and they left the cap in place. This means that instead of collecting $2.51 per $1000, the district will be collecting $1.50, roughly a difference of $1.4 million in funding for 2019. This decision did not impact the voter approved capital levy and the district is still able to collect the $0.25/$1000 of assessed value for much needed safety, security, and infrastructure repairs and upgrades.

What this means for our district is a necessary reduction in force. On the certificated side, 5 full-time positions left vacant by retiring or relocating staff will not be filled. At the elementary schools, 6 2-hour playground-supervision positions and 3 assistant positions have been eliminated, 2 of which had been vacated. Two secretarial positions were eliminated at Eatonville High School. The district office will be absorbing the loss of a payroll position, and facilities will not be replacing a retiring custodian and a maintenance worker. These are hard cuts for our district and community and will be shared with our legislators.

For some time now, the district has been losing a substantial amount on its Food Service arrangement with Chartwell's. In fact, the Board has been deeply skeptical of the district's ability to sustain such an agreement and had voiced its desire to explore other options. At the end of April, Chartwell's notified the District of its intent to terminate the contract at the end of June. We are happy to announce a partnership with Bethel Child Nutrition Services going forward. Bethel has a state-of-the art facility that has resulted in an increase in meal participation because of the quality of the food they are producing."

As is true any time a program undergoes such a radical change, there is a variance in staffing needs. The model that Bethel uses requires fewer staff hours and so we have initiated a reduction in force. Our Food Service people are some of our hardest-working in the district. The reduction is in no way reflective of their effort or ability. Yet it would be fiscally irresponsible to employ staff for whom we do not have sufficient work.

Thank you for supporting Eatonville's schools and our children as we continue to educate your children and carefully navigate our new funding realities.


Krestin Bahr
Eatonville School District