School Garden

Even with the COVID19 pandemic, students grew, harvested, and donated over 400 pounds of produce to their community.  Peas, green beans, lettuce, beets, strawberries, spinach and squash were among the selections of produce available from the garden. Students predict that they will at least double their donations to the public. Each grade level has planted and tended it’s own garden bed.  Middle school students oversee their beds, and the entire garden, making sure that weeding, watering, and general maintenance is performed correctly. By the end of the school year, most garden beds will be ready to start harvesting.  The harvest will last all the way through the summer, into the next school year.  This will provide a constant stream of fresh fruit and veggies to the community, and continued educational opportunities in the Fall.

CTE is coming to CCAs garden! Thanks to Carl Hehemann for breaking ground, setting roots and the tone for our slice of heaven here in Ashford. Without the dedication of him and the community the garden would not be where it is today. Now we have the opportunity to add official classes to our middle school that will bring even more opportunities for our students and the community to connect with our school, our garden! My name is Maddy and I have worked as a para for the Eatonville School District for five years. I have had the opportunity to work with our GRITS Farm instructor Tod Morrish for two of those years and I feel as though I can help lead CCAs new CTE program into something purposeful for the students and our community. As a new program arrives so can obstacles, please stick with us as we navigate through our first few years. I would like to focus on enhancing our garden and the purpose of this idea is to help our students tend, grow and connect with plants highlighted not only in the garden but in our area as well. We are surrounded by forests and I feel as though  already by enhancing what we have, and by adding more native plants and important spaces to the area. I truly believe that learning and connection occurs through play and hands-on exploration especially outdoors!