Image of ASB Officers

(J. Smith, C. Cantrell, L. Moore, E. Manley, B. Andersen, C. Smith)

2019-2020 CC ASB Officers

              • President - Bailey Andersen
              • Vice President - Lily Moore
              • Secretary - Jennavieve Smith
              • Treasurer - Taylor Cantrell
              • Business Manager - Charlie Smith
              • Communications Commissioner - Ellie Manley

President Message

Thank you for the opportunity to be student council president. I am looking forward to ASB events and planning activities.

I want all members of ASB to have the opportunity to share their ideas and be part of the fun things that happen at school.

Look forward to the events to come and make everything by joining in.

Let’s make the 2019-2020 school year the best year ever!

Thank you, Bailey Andersen