Agenda & Minutes




October Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2019 at 2:30pm in Phil’s Classroom

Meeting called to order by ASHLEY DOWNS, President at 2:27pm

Attendees: Board Members: Ashley Downs, Sherry Hanson and Jaylene Uhls. Guests: Allison Shew, Phil Moore, Christine Allen, Angie Gendreau, Lara Drouland, Victoria, Amber Brandt, Robyn Johnson, Rich Wind, Lisa Hoversten, Carl Heheman, Nicole Hilliker, Katie Hilliker and Jessica Sotl.

Officer’s Reports

Principal, Allison Shew:

Allison introduces Linda Scurlock, she began attending CC as a 4th grader. Linda is the fifth generation on the Scurlock Homestead founded in 1895. 100 acres off Lilli Dale and Cemetery Rd. Linda is would like to begin a Reclamation of the property, removing all non-native tree species. Linda purposes trade labor for free firewood, allowing CC to sell firewood as a fundraiser and use those funds toward our playground fund.

Allison introduces Lisa with the support of Linda whom would like to host an Art Show, May 29th. Students are learning art. Throughout the year student art pieces will be selected to sell at the art show should the student choose to sell their art work. There will also be a 20 page Coloring Book of student art designs. Students will also be making sticker designs. At the conclusion of the Art Show, students will be announced and art work will be awarded a ribbon. Students will also generate social media promotions, flyers and claymation projects. Art Club begins October 19th.

Coin Drive from last spring and the help from 18/19 8th grade class purchased three door entryway mats.

Veteran’s Day Assembly in November 2nd-5th grade students will be performing and will feature a few solo performances.

President, Ashley Downs:

PTO has scheduled with the Pacific Science Center to host a Blood and Guts Exhibit. Tuesday, October 22nd 8:00am-11:00am.

Fall Book Fair is coming November 18th - November 22nd. PTO needs volunteers, 2 hour time slots available.

Santa Shop is scheduled for December 9th - December 13th. Volunteer sign up coming soon. We may schedule classrooms to shop or have open shop during lunch recesses.

Calendars coming soon! Calendars feature CC sponsors please see our New Online Newsletters!

Spirit Wear is on sale now! Selling at our PTO meetings, Conference week and watch for Sweatshirts coming soon!

Interested in Volunteering? See our 2 hour pledge form, pledge just 2 hours. You let us know your availability and volunteer interests. All Volunteers must have approved district clearance form on file.

We are in need of classroom parents for grades 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th & 8th. As a classroom parent, you are the coordinator between families and your classroom teacher. Coordinate class parties, a staff luncheon, Christmas Bazaar Craft. Each teacher may have different needs, please connect with your classroom teacher for class needs.

Treasurer, Sherry Hanson:

Classroom totals:

P $0.00 1st $14.90 2nd $138.80 3rd $178.03

4th $247.76 5th $730.39 6th $0.00 7th $761.55

8th $86.50

PTO Sponsored Event Costs: (Expenses)

Boo-Hoo Breakfast $ 90.40

BMX Assembly $897.00

Pacific Science Center $360.00

Annual Teacher Reimbursements: (Expenses)

As of October 9, 2019 $150.00

Spirit Wear:

Expenses $800.00

Income $624.00

Birthday Grams:

Income $101.05

CC Sponsors: (income dedicated to playground fund)

Income as of 10/9/2019 $528.83

Boon Fundraiser

40% profits to date are $130.80 all Boon Profits are dedicated to go toward our playground fund with a goal of $9,000.00. Still time to shop

BMX Assembly

Athletes arrived with their BMX stunts and tricks for 40 minutes of live action. Motivational messages included Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drug, Live your Dreams, Be Motivated, Respect Others and Stay in School.

Box Tops, Victoria:

Turn in your clipped box tops, box tops need to be submitted before November 1st. Box Tops have clip free. Now download the Box Top app, create an account, select Columbia Crest as your school and scan your receipts to earn Box Tops for our school.

Christmas Bazaar:

Per staff request the Christmas Bazaar is scheduled. PreK-4th grade craft, 5th-8th maybe a raffle basket?? Details will have to be worked out. More info coming soon.

Raffle Winner, Rich

Next Meeting is Wednesday, November 13th at 2:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 3:03pm

Minutes compiled by: Jaylene Uhls, PTO Secretary