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January 22, 2020



Statewide rate of students signing up for College Bound Scholarship increases to 72%


Olympia— 92 PERCENT of last year’s eligible eighth graders signed up for the College Bound Scholarship at Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy in Eatonville School District. Schools who exceeded the statewide sign-up rate of 72 percent—a 2 percentage point increase over last year’s state sign-up rate—will receive Gold Star Awards from the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). This year, WSAC has recognized 232 middle schools and 98 school districts with Gold Star Awards. Find the list of Gold Star schools and districts along with district sign-up rates at www.wsac.wa.gov/college-bound

Over 30,000 of last year’s eighth graders signed up for the College Bound Scholarship. Students who sign up for the scholarship graduate from high school and enroll in college at higher rates than their low-income peers. The first cohort of College Bound students graduated from high school in 2012. Since then, the four-year high school graduation rate for these students has consistently been similar to the statewide average, and over 10 percentage points higher than for low-income students who were eligible, but didn’t sign up.

This year, there are nearly 30,0000 high school seniors across the state who signed up for College Bound in middle school. To access their scholarship and continue their education, these students must take the crucial step of applying for financial aid.

In Washington, there are two ways to apply for financial aid. U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens apply with the FAFSA. People who can't file the FAFSA due to immigration status can still apply for state aid with the WASFA, the Washington Application for State Financial Aid. Get more information about important steps for seniors at www.wsac.wa.gov/pathways.

To receive this early commitment of state funding, eligible students must sign up in middle school, by the end of their eighth grade year. In combination with other state aid, the scholarship covers tuition at public college rates, some fees, and a small book allowance. To receive the scholarship, students must enroll in an eligible college within one year of high school graduation.

If you are interested in more information about the College Bound Scholarship or to find out if your student qualifies, please contact our office at (360) 569-2567.


Allison Shew


Columbia Crest A-STEM Academy


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Columbia Crest Students Gather at Kjelstad-Burwash Farm
Eatonville School District

Once a month our Eatonville High School G.R.I.T.S. “farmers” and our Columbia Crest A-S.T.E.M. Academy 4th graders come together at the Kjelstad-Burwash Farm to share topics of study with each other.

Once a month our Eatonville High School G.R.I.T.S. (Growing Relationships in the Soil) “farmers” and our Columbia Crest A-S.T.E.M. Academy 4th graders come together at the Kjelstad-Burwash Farm to share topics of study with each other.

This hands-on-tools, feet-on-the-ground, project-based learning has been made possible by our District’s acquisition of a spectacular “classroom” (the farm), the creation of the G.R.I.T.S. program, which offers high school students equal time in the classroom and on the farm, and transportation funding provided through our C.T.E. (Career Technical Education) budget. While lessons are founded on grade-appropriate Next Generation Science Standards, far more than science is afoot. Science and local history, collaboration and presentation skills, community building, empathy, and responsibility have all developed as areas of substantial growth for both groups.

This cross-grade experience has unlocked incredible purposeful learning as students work hard to provide high quality projects and experiences for each other. Teachers Alex Van Steen (4th grade) and Tod Morrish (high school) are not surprised in the least that our students, when provided this type of opportunity, are masterfully executing month after month of amazing lessons for each other.