Athletics at CC

A message from the EMS Athletic Director:

Dear Columbia Crest A-S.T.E.M. Academy Athletes & Parents,

We are so excited for you to join our sports program. Here are a few things that you will need to know:

  • Your sport will practice every school day, unless your coach tells you different.
  • A bus will pick you up at CC and take you to EMS for practices.
  • On away games/meets/or match days you will need your own arranged ride from CC. You will also need a ride home from EMS when the game bus arrives on away game days.
  • If a game is cancelled your student will be notified and instructed to notify a parent. In addition the update will be noted on the school calendar along with the reschedule.
  • ASB cards will need to be purchased and a sticker will be placed on your ID card will be provided upon request at CC.
  • Sports schedules are available for your Athlete/Student to pick up at EMS and they are also available online on the EMS webpage. The EMS calendar is the most up to date calendar where you will also find departure times for the away games. Parents may use a district van to transport a group of students.