Technology Skills/Literacy and Digital Citizenship at Columbia Crest:

Here at Columbia Crest A-S.T.E.M. Academy we are heavily focused on the increasing use of technology to supplement and enhance instruction in the classroom while at the same time teaching responsible use and how to be good online citizens.

What we are doing here at CCSA:

  • Students have access to Google Chromebooks and other devices where they use them for instructional purposes in the classroom.
  • 1:1 ratio for technology use. All students have access to a device. 
  • Students learn about alternative online tools to show that they know content and can research in unique and exciting ways.
  • Grades 4 and 5 are currently learning a rudimentary version of the Python coding language called Skylark from TechSmartKids. This is an entirely separate class apart from anything else taught in the school.
  • They are also learning basic skills of troubleshooting, typing, navigating and general care for technology. These are skills they will need to know going to the high school and for years beyond that.
  • As our world goes increasingly "online," it is more important than ever to ensure that students are getting the social and digital citizenship skills they need to be successful online citizens. We supplement that instruction with Common Sense Media.


Student with computer
Student with Computer