Physical Education/Health

Each PE class in grades K-8 is developed using the FITT Principle-- Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. Each class completes a warm up and a cool down. Grade K-5 practice mindful breathing and gratefulness as part of their cool down, and to help them switch gears to go back to classroom work.

Our curriculum for K-5 is the EPEC PE Curriculum. This curriculum focuses on skill acquisition as a student matures. There are grade level benchmarks for each skill within a sport. Primary students learn the basic skills as their motor development dictates.

Middle School PE curriculum is SPARK Physical Education. It is also sport oriented, focusing on teen skill development, and both defense and offence game/sport plays.

Beginning in 5th grade, students learn to develop their own workout; with a warm-up, activity focus (Strength, Flexibility, Cardio, Balance) and cool down. Students get to develop a component(s) of the workout, and teach it to their classmates!

In PE, students learn the basics of many sports, acquiring skills in an age appropriate progression. Basic rules of the sport are also learned and practiced.