In Art Class this school year we will introduce the Elements of Art (line, shape, color, value, texture, form & space) along with the Principles of Design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm & unity). Each lesson will focus on an element with a principle or just an element or just a principle. Most lessons will consist of a combination.

We will use a combination of art supplies: tempera paints, watercolor paint, crayons, markers, oil pastels, chalk pastels & acrylic paint. We will use many different materials: different weights of paper, cardboard, newspaper, yarn, textiles and clay.


All K-8 students will also have the opportunity to present their artworks to their peers and ask for comments & questions. They will express critical thinking skills as in why the artist chose a process and how the work was completed. Students will also be encouraged to present their works with "I can" statements.

Students may come home with artwork from time to time, however the bulk of their work will be sent home in June.
In September, all grades will be working on a collaborative project.We will work with the element of line and the principle of value. We will make a feather to create wings creating an interactive mural.
Kindergarten will focus on Line & Color.
1-5 are learning about value, contrast, perspective and multi-media. They will use a variety of art supplies to make each art piece.
Middle School will be learning about Value and how to use light and darkness to create depth within their artworks. They will also learn about blending colors and how patterns give texture. Our end result will be a multi-media Koi Pond.
Middle School will also help produce Veteran's Day art for our program in November.
All Art Classes will be working on art pieces to display at the annual Christmas Program December 6th.
K-5 will work on pieces in which they learn line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), shapes and additionally foreground, midground and background.
Middle School will be working on decorations based on the music provided by Mr. Hunter. All pieces will be collaboration work and they will get to choose which supplies they would like to use.
Kindergarten will continue to work with color, shape and line. They will be able to identify the line shape and colors. We will also introduce the concept of abstract art making with shapes and how mood affects what color we use while listening to different types of music while we paint.
1-5 will be introduced to the concept of abstract art making with shapes and how mood affects what color we use while listening to different types of music while we paint. We will also continue shapes with directed drawing and learn the words, modify, modification, scratch, practice. Students will not be allowed to restart a project once they begin or be given an eraser. Instead they will be introduced to the critical skill of "making an opportunity" from a "mistake."
MIddle School will return to their Koi Pond Multi-Media project which consist of watercolor, pastels & acrylic.
K-5 will review Primary colors and introduce Secondary colors by color mixing with paint and making painted paper. Each class will be introduced to paper weaving. We will also work on cutting out and painting cardboard shapes to make faces (self portraits or animals). We will then put all these pieces together to make one larger art piece.
Middle School will finish their Koi Pond projects and present. Mid January we will begin our lessons on weaving. We will create an organic woven textile with yarn or other textile type materials while learning vocabulary such as loom, warp, weft, fiber, tapestry and selvage.
Weaving will incorporate line and how line is used to create form.
K-8 Contrast & Emphasis. After having focused on color, line, texture our next step is learning how to make our work "pop" or directing attention to a certain element of the piece with contrast and emphasis. We will explore the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Clementine Hunter.
K-8 Movement & Rhythm are very similar so we will use different paint stroke techniques to discover how to incorporate them into our art pieces.
We will explore the works of Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Maud Lewis, Henri Rousseau and Ed Harring.
K-8 Balance & Symmetry will be applied to art work focusing on space. We will also apply texture making skills while producing our art pieces.They will also learn words such as asymmetry and radial symmetry.
K-8 We will work with clay and introduce 3D form to the students. We will talk about simple form building and structure making.
We will only have a few days of art this month and will focus on finishing up projects and having some "free" art time.