Why we are “Top of the Mountain.”

What students will appreciate at Columbia Crest:

  1. Provide safe, loving environments where students can learn and be treated with kindness and respect.
  2. Enjoying real-life projects that make a difference
  3. Knowing why what we are learning is important
  4. Involving students in the process of learning
  5. Being a part of a group community within the classroom to grow in character development.
  6. A place where kids can explore the Mt. Rainier and Nisqually River environment and gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings through scientific exploration

Academic Mission: The students at Columbia Crest will

  1. Increase stamina with independent reading, writing, and math
  2. Develop expression of thinking through written and spoken words
  3. Develop the ability to conduct independent research using both web- and text-based resources
  4. Learn to speak in front of peers with confidence
  5. Learn to work cooperatively with partners or in groups and sometimes take the leadership role.
  6. Learn to have age-appropriate interactions/ relationships with others
  7. Be inspired with a sense of wonder of the world and people around them
  8. Be encouraged to reach proficiency and beyond
  9. Be enriched with self-confidence and curiosity using the “whole child” concept

Community Mission: The students at Columbia Crest will

  1. Recognize and plan for needs beyond their own
  2. Be involved with and recognize the contributions of our greater community
  3. Learn to take responsibility for their role within their community by becoming a good citizen

Our teachers embrace teaching outdoors.