Registration and Enrollment Form

Here you will find the form necessary for enrolling your child into the school district. Please print out the form provided "Enrollment Forms" and fill out the required information. After doing so you may turn in the form to either the school your child is attending, or to the District Office.

How do I know if I live in the Eatonville School District?

To learn if you are an Eatonville School District resident, check the Pierce County Assessor's website.

Pierce County Property Lookup

Non-Resident Admission Process

Renewal: If your student is currently attending, please fill out the FORM 3141F and obtain a release from your school district of residence.

New student: If you are not currently attending, please complete the following steps:
    • Obtain a release from your current district
    • Obtain discipline records, attendance records, and grades K-8 most recent report card, if grades 9-12 an unofficial transcript from your current school.
    • Complete the linked form - 3141 F Application for Non-Resident Admission
    • Turn all paperwork in to Eatonville School District
Once you receive notification of approval, fill out the complete enrollment packet RETURN PAPERWORK to the approved school.

***Based on your student’s records, a meeting with the principal may be required prior to approval / denial.*****

This process must be completed annually.

Exceptions to the Enrollment Paperwork Process
  • Students and families that qualify for McKinney Vento are not required to submit a verification of residency and will also receive support and exceptions for other enrollment forms.
  • To qualify for exemptions, you must verify eligibility.
  • If you believe your family qualifies for McKinney Vento, or you are struggling to provide enrollment forms required for your child to attend school please contact Anisa Parks.
  • To learn more you may view the U. S. Department of Education website on this topic.
McKinney Vento Contact:

Cristin Blaskowitz

McKinney Vento Liaison
(360) 879-1800